Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dragonball Z Bulma And Vegeta Episodes DRAGONBALL Z/GT EPISODE?!??!?!?

DRAGONBALL Z/GT EPISODE?!??!?!? - dragonball z bulma and vegeta episodes

What are the consequences ...
1) When Vegeta furious when he learned that Goku and Bulma date with sexy photo old Kai.

2) If mocks mustache Bra Vegeta

3) in the bra and Vegeta will shoppinggg.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Professional Photographer Digital Photo Frame Am I A Good Enough Photographer To Pursue A Career?

Am I a good enough photographer to pursue a career? - professional photographer digital photo frame

I am 14 years old, and I think I'm good for my age, but I know I am not professionally. Me gusta mucho. I love the pictures of random things that most people would not notice. I think it adds a kind of single-father to photography. Not exactly a big problem, but the collection of photo corners ironic, since all the bases, but these days the most. I use a Kodak EasyShare V1233 Digital Camera 12MP. Do you have skills, so far? @ N05 /
Some of my favorites are the heart of the ocean in a bottle of water around the leaf with raindrops, the image with pen pepper, lighthouse taken to manage the star of the picture frames, Coca-Cola, and the bank. :]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Wordingrhyming Rehearsal Dinner?

Rehearsal Dinner? - rehearsal dinner invitation wordingrhyming

Tryinng I know how the word my invitation to the rehearsal dinner ... How so?

Please join us for dinner and drinks reahersal immediately after 5.30.

Venue: Mr and Mrs (my name)

If (your house ... I will post the address here)

I do not know that I'm lost in this, but I want to make sure that people know that this is an informal dinner at home with my parents

Here is the invitation I like ...

welcome any thoughts and advice in person! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Karate Wife Beats Me Analyze Your Team In A Baseball Brawl (Read On)?

Analyze your team in A Baseball Brawl (Read On)? - my karate wife beats me

If your team has struggled, as the best player and why?

I think my team:
Let David Ortiz (greatest players Probally position and wants some steam because of the case)
Justin Masterson (He's 6-6)
Jason Varitek (Kicked A-Rod ***)
Ramon Ramirez (the strongest type)
Kevin Youkilis (It seems that we could get up)
Josh Beckett (Tough and I think earlier in some battles)
Julio Lugo (who could beat his wife)
Takashi Saito (Karate is great there, and it is more probable than "the bad guy in Karate Kid II" Dice-K)
Dustin Pedroia (wildcard quite possible, and try to get involved)

2) Who would not be major players in their team in a fight and why. I think my team

Jacoby Ellsbury (Does not look like a boxer)
JD Drew (Would you do anything?)
Rocco Baldelli (great, but he has) his fault
Nick Green (Small)
Manny Delcarmen

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pictures Of Girls With Dark Skin What Color Highlights Suite Me: Dark Skinned Puerto Rican Girl, Black Brown Eyes, And Black Brown Hair? Help!?

What color highlights suite me: Dark skinned Puerto Rican Girl, Black Brown eyes, and Black Brown Hair? Help!? - pictures of girls with dark skin

help, as I havent seen good pictures of people with dark skin, with the debate, a photo can yall please, I need help! and pictures you can tell me something good in the class North Hollywood, CA.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Abby Winters Dijon Abby Cadabby Birthday Party Ideas?

Abby cadabby birthday party ideas? - abby winters dijon

Hello, my daughter is now 2 20. March (winter) I will be a party with friends and have inside Abby Cadabby of Sesame Street, can someone me some ideas on how the music for children or provide food or for decoration! Thank you very much

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Basketball Traction Spray Basketball Traction Shoes Problem?

Basketball traction shoes problem? - basketball traction spray

Basketball shoes are terrible traction.if i spray the underside of the shoe with the working title of liquid snow? If not, what should I use?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Denby Pottery Seconds Does All Denby Cinnamon Pottery Have A Stamp On The Base?

Does all Denby Cinnamon pottery have a stamp on the base? - denby pottery seconds

I bought a used pot Denby cinnamon, but if it is not more than one joint at the base, this normal?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Pre-teen Stream Auditioning For: 2008 Miss Pre-Teen Anaheim; IS IT FREE?

Auditioning for: 2008 Miss Pre-Teen Anaheim; IS IT FREE? - free pre-teen stream

I received a letter to the participant were in the large meadow Miss Teen Pageant in 2008 and I would like to join, but is free? Or should I pay special fees to a participant? I am very confused, please help me!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pregnant Vigina Pics Can I Get Pregnant If I Got Touched Outside Of My Vigina With Pre-ejaculated Sperms?

Can i get pregnant if i got touched outside of my vigina with pre-ejaculated sperms? - pregnant vigina pics

My partner said that some pre-cum on his finger and then rub your t-shirt, spilled my Venn then what is the probability of becoming pregnant?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slate Table Care Of Who Else Hopes Platini & Blatter Just.. Disappear?

Who else hopes Platini & Blatter just.. disappear? - slate table care of

Being Irish, I am appalled by the corruption of the World Cup.

Changing the rules of qualification to half of the qualifiers? How, how are you? "

All Your Lies to give a few countries than to ensure the best chance of qualifying, they must ask about all the slating of the Premier League and that you always treat for big and bold.

Blatter and Platini wants a show that allows the "developing" world of football, a place at the table, but tickets in North Korea, New Zealand, land, Ireland, and how they sell. France, Russia and their peers. You need to earn money to finance his lavish lifestyle in Zurich, the horses of their political hobby, the risk of abuse of other English football league systemproduce more money or attract so many fans and top players.

The two of them have less than full average Swiss bank
The heart of Ireland will be broken (with many others that have been wounded), not French. Thank you clowns aa lot.

Monday, February 15, 2010

6 Week Old Baby Complexion How Much Stimulation For A 6 Week Old Baby?

How much stimulation for a 6 week old baby? - 6 week old baby complexion

My baby was born 4 weeks, and she is 6 weeks. Should I treat this like a normal week for 6 years? It's so small and I think I'm still new. She sleeps little at night for 2-3 hours at a time, and I wonder if I should try to promote it during the day anymore. How much is too much? Should I try to schedule naps during the day? All tips to help you sleep habits of children would be!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maximum Destruction Cakes Maximum Destruction Or Grave Digger?

Maximum Destruction or Grave Digger? - maximum destruction cakes

I like both, if not look for it Tom Meents ID ***

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Relaxation In The Bible Do You Think It Is Fair To Other Religions That They Only Get To Read The Bible In BB9?

Do you think it is fair to other religions that they only get to read the Bible in BB9? - relaxation in the bible

I always wondered why everyone is always religious fanatics in Big Brother. At the end of the game, at least three people are always trying to make comparisons with the Bible, and it is very boring. This is not the purpose of the Bible. Then I realized they're all down there, and I can read the whole house is the Bible. So boring, and read the Bible, for pleasure and then begin to make connections with the religious theme. I wonder what would happen if you put a Buddhist manuscript. The fact that the world begins to meditation and relaxation? Karma seems to spread ... Right? What do you think? If there are other religious texts in the BB house?

Friday, February 12, 2010

What Accent Colour To Use In Living Room Burgundy Living Room With Cream Accents--what Colour Palette Should I Use For A New Sofa?

Burgundy living room with cream accents--what colour palette should I use for a new sofa? - what accent colour to use in living room

My couch is old and I need a new one. I painted my living room, a deep burgundy with accents of the fireplace, the moldings and French doors to a cream color. I installed Maple colored laminate flooring planks.

This is an open concept room restaurant and have my assistant. The dining table is made of dark wood and burgundy dining room along one wall. The other 2 walls are painted a color as "comfort" - beigish medium to dark gray, very light.

Which color sofa should I expect? I think that the cream can also be easy, but it was too dark Burgundy. Perhaps a subtle pattern? Or in another complementary color? Suggestions please and thank you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clonk Rage Reg How Do You Compile Programs From Intel To Powerpc?

How do you compile programs from Intel to Powerpc? - clonk rage reg

I want a game port from Intel, PowerPC. I have a Macintosh computer and a program called XCode, if it helps. The game is called Clonk Rage and access to source code.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When Do Ohio Lpn Licenses Expire Question On Ohio LPN Nursing License Renewal..?

Question on Ohio LPN nursing license renewal..? - when do ohio lpn licenses expire

My Ohio LPN license expired in August when you can pay the annual fee, you immediately begin to practice, maintain, or should, before the license of paper waiting in your hand?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pictures Of Burst Capillaries On The Genitals How Do I Take Sequential Pictures On My Camera Without All The Shots Being In One Burst?

How do I take sequential pictures on my camera without all the shots being in one burst? - pictures of burst capillaries on the genitals

What about pressing the shutter at regular intervals? I do not want to be cruel, but it was difficult to develop?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Do You Attach Net Curtains To Plastic Windows How Do You Attach Net Curtains To A UPVC Bay Window?

How do you attach net curtains to a UPVC bay window? - how do you attach net curtains to plastic windows

I currently have networks with a pole mounted double sided tape actually used, but falling after a few days.
I really do not want something in the plastic screw.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How Much Is An Average Cement Basketball Court Cost I Want To Build A Cement Basketball Court In My Backyard...about How Much Will The Cement/concrete Cost?????

I want to build a cement basketball court in my backyard...about how much will the cement/concrete cost????? - how much is an average cement basketball court cost

I want to build a cement / concrete basketball court in my backyard ... What is the average cost of cement / concrete? Help please ...... thx

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ipod Touch Screen Failure Would My Ipod Touch Be Considered Defective? Would I Be Able To Return It? HELP!!!!?

Would my ipod touch be considered defective? Would i be able to return it? HELP!!!!? - ipod touch screen failure

I bought my ipod touch two months ago and today I have stopped working. I turned and never on the home screen back. From this point, after I tried to turn it on and connect it to iTunes for signs like if I had bought. When I get in touch to iTunes, it says "iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode, you need this iPod before using iTunes' can be used to restore, so what he says about 10 times accessed. Each restoration is a failure. and once went through the restoration, but 2 minutes later than normal, he said again in recovery mode. Can suggestions about what to do?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boswellia Australia Is There Anywhere In Australia Where I Can Buy A Frankincense Plant (boswellia Carteri)?

Is there anywhere in Australia where I can buy a frankincense plant (boswellia carteri)? - boswellia australia

Hope this helps ... searching ...

here in Yahoo Answers ... also in the top of the page where it says that this kind of research .... In .. and give you many pages to check for Autralia and plant incense

Incense Plant / Australia

We hope you find what you are looking for

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Milena Velba In Bus Movies Is Milena Velba Married?

Is Milena Velba married? - milena velba in bus movies

She is a model.

she has big breasts

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is It Bad To Give Orajel To A Teething Baby Teething!!!!!?

Teething!!!!!? - is it bad to give orajel to a teething baby

I think my daughter 4 months and teething. She was drooling buckets and buckets of saliva for a while, but started since early this week, or do not eat much and stay up all night, literally. Now she has diarrhea. I know that all these characters are often signs of teething, so I want to know ... for all mothers who have children, how long it will take before she had her first tooth? It is so sad .... I feel bad, but you also stop to wait for her singing sullen. Anyone with experience .. HELP!

More ... I've thought about it tylanol, Orajel and teethers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Squash Court Bay Area Are There Any Public Squash Courts In The Bay Area?

Are there any public Squash courts in the bay area? - squash court bay area

Squash is very popular on the West Coast, and I wonder whether there are pumpkins in the Bay Area, CA

Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Make Football Helmet Cake Ladies, If Betty Crocker Wore A Football Helmet On Those Box Labels...?

Ladies, if Betty Crocker wore a football helmet on those box labels...? - how to make football helmet cake

Do you think that most boys in the kitchen?

Rating: cake or brownies?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Field Cube My Friend Beat My High Score On Cube Field... Where Do I Go From Here?

My friend beat my high score on cube field... where do I go from here? - field cube

It's so hard ... I can spend up to 500,000 points from him, no matter how you try. : '(

Friday, January 29, 2010

Solid Blackwork Tattoo Where Can I Go To Get A Solid Black Tattoo Sleeve?

Where can I go to get a solid black tattoo sleeve? - solid blackwork tattoo

I live in Los Angeles and I'm black my whole right arm. Looking for a good degree, preferably an artist who has experience in heavy black embroidery. I do not want to travel too far from the general area of Los Angeles. Suggestions?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To Start A Body Waxing Business Any Advice On Starting My Own At Home Waxing Business?

Any advice on starting my own at home waxing business? - how to start a body waxing business

For each of those who start their own business - I am a licensed cosmetologist / Waxer, I have all the supplies needed to start growing client in my house - Have you leave any tips for me? namely, advertising? I post something to see on a MySpace / Facebook page just for the people?

Thank you for your help!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Symptoms Diabetes And Enlarged Liver Dogs I Get Some Kind Of Convulsions In The Morning If I Don't Eat A Snack At Night . Is This Blood Sugar Problem?

I get some kind of convulsions in the morning if i don't eat a snack at night . Is this blood sugar problem? - symptoms diabetes and enlarged liver dogs

Orange juice seems to be the few minutes to help, but my eyes are blurry, I feel very low and moody. This happened more than once a day for the last month with the loss of control over bladder function, periods of extreme mood While eating too much candy. I also think that rages dizzy and my heart and sometimes my eyes are rolling back in my head. Lately, I think something with my kidneys .. wrong I had to go to hospital last night because of pain in the kidney and ureter spasaming. I get all kinds of red dots on the arms and legs and I think, dilated veins of a traffic problem. I still believe in my early thirties.I, I have the symptoms of diabetes, but so far my blood counts are normal. What else could it be this. I only had two tests, because if I have another test of glucose tolerance is not intended to give thought to cause severe seizures.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Topics To Write About What R Sum Funny Topics 2 Write About Thanksgiving It Is 4 Skool And I Dont No Wat 2 Write So I Need Ideas?

What r sum funny topics 2 write about thanksgiving it is 4 skool and i dont no wat 2 write so i need ideas? - funny topics to write about

Pilgrim, ultimately, your guests for dinner later in the history of India.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Gums Are All Swollen With Blisters What Can It Be Blisters On Gums And Tongue

Blisters on gums and tongue - my gums are all swollen with blisters what can it be

ok, my niece had blisters on my tongue and realized that you have a sore throat and now my gums are swollen and bleeding all know what that is and why the above happeneing

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Site De Travesti Ineed To Know The Best Bus Service From Mexico City To San Miguel De Allende The Time It Takes And How Offten?

Ineed to know the best bus service from Mexico city to san miguel de Allende the time it takes and how offten? - site de travesti

When I travel in the first week in February. and it is a popular site for the bus

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Is The Girl In The Evan Williams Ads Taylor Swift Rips-off Tune From Song "Crazy For This Girl" By Evan And Jaron?

Taylor swift rips-off tune from song "Crazy for this girl" by Evan and Jaron? - who is the girl in the evan williams ads

I lay her song has the same melody as the song "Crazy For This Girl" by Evan and Jaron
I love Taylor and his songs are Amazingg but they sound exactly like
I've also noticed that reused Tuesday 2 and waaay too
yet their songs are beautiful

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gold Chain Belt Does Anyone Know Where To Find This Belt?

Does anyone know where to find this belt? - gold chain belt ...

1:17 in the heart of the golden girdle of the chain is Hilda.
Where can I find this band, or something very similar?
Thank you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Milena Velba Pregnant Milena Velba??? Girls You Got To See It To Believe It!!!?

Milena Velba??? Girls you got to see it to believe it!!!? - milena velba pregnant

Ok, so I did a search on breastfeeding, because I'm pregnant and do not know how the hell do I know your website.Anyhow if you are then you should know what to say Im, about.Supposedly Natural 36 J and 37 years, she) is still single (not a joke. I mean, how is it that does not get a breast reduction, I know that most women want bigger breasts, but as the old saying "too much of something that is not good." Lol I could not laugh because they're big, they look like monsters me.Hopefully she has no children (all children). Is it possible that I may be able to react to? Must see to believe, showed me the site to my friends and they decided to put a little money so we can all her.But meet in Houston, TX So live as you go shop, please send an email havent but still receive a reply.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cotton Bed Sheets Do You Love The Feel Of Cool Cotton Bed Sheets?

Do you love the feel of cool cotton bed sheets? - cotton bed sheets

I like to go to bed and feel the blankets and sheets against my arms and legs ... are so beautiful and cold! In the summer I spend my time traveling in search of cold plates to keep cool lol! I know I'm weird ... : P

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Motorcycle Tires Atlanta Motorcycle Tires?

Motorcycle tires? - motorcycle tires atlanta

I have a 1100 Honda V65 Magna. What brand tires are best? Why?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleeplessness In Children I Drank 10 Of Those Pills That's What It Says In Warning What Should I Do???? Its Been A Day After I'm Worried

I drank 10 of those pills that's what it says in warning what should i do???? its been a day after I'm worried - sleeplessness in children

Not for children under 12 years.
Stop and ask a doctor if
Insomnia was established more than two weeks (insomnia can be difficult) a symptom of underlying disease.
You use, consult a physician before you if you have:
Breathing problem such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis
Difficulty urinating due to enlarged prostate
Through the use of this product
Avoid alcoholic beverages
Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are before taking sedatives or sleeping pills
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding a baby, seek the advice of a physician before using this product.
Keep out of reach of children.
In case of accidental overdose, seek immediate medical help or contact a Poison Control Center.
Do not use
with other products containing diphenhydramine, including topical application.
Tamper evident:
Do not use if carton is opened or if blister is broken, broken, or signs of deterioration

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cherry Blossom Ribbon Cherry Blossom?

Cherry Blossom? - cherry blossom ribbon

What is the meaning and symbolism of a cherry?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Natural Cat Litter Best Natural Cat Litter For Odors And Convenience?

Best natural cat litter for odors and convenience? - natural cat litter

Personally I liike "old hat"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Breath Smell How Can You Make Ur Breath Smell Good?

How can you make ur breath smell good? - breath smell

I want the movies with a girl for the first time, but I thought ..... My SMEL bad breath after eating popcorn. U can me a few things in my breath smell better?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wedding Quotes Put In Cards What Are Some Funny Wedding Quotes That I Can Put On My Wedding Favors?

What are some funny wedding quotes that i can put on my wedding favors? - wedding quotes put in cards

I have things like
"Marriage is not a word, a sentence with a sentence of life imprisonment"
"The man I married. Well, I did not know his name was always"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bmx Ramps Shop How Do I Make A Launch Ramp For My BMX?

How do I make a launch ramp for my BMX? - bmx ramps shop

The idea is 1 to 2 meters in length for my BMX ramp, all the others who sell online, very small and very expensive, so the question as a springboard for my BMX bike. Does anybody know a website that I can best, or what? THX: D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visual Migraine What Types Of Alcohol Cause Visual Migraines?

What types of alcohol cause visual migraines? - visual migraine

I had extreme sensitivity to light and nausea. Who knows when the champagne is known to cause ocular migraine?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Trust Liability Insurance Should Or Shouldn't I Place A Claim With My Auto Insurance?

Should or shouldn't I place a claim with my auto insurance? - trust liability insurance

If you do not read the rest of it is the quick version is that there are two different stories in an accident and do not know if I should apply my insurance or can not publish. Is it wrong on the demand side, anyway.

Someone had me turn the car traffic while attempting to turn left (opposite the traffic ahead.

I do not know whether or not the police report was required and where the accident told the police that he thought it would be the case against him not to have me.

Now she is on their employees insurance. indicating that he had a green arrow and a red light (as opposed to me to have a green light, green light and the road, turn around, without a green light to the left which means that the yield to traffic in the coming vice versa).

I am responsible and I feel that the letter was a request in the accident just me crying with them. If my insurance thought I would, she contacted me now.

I hope that someone in the insurance business

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Financial Assistance For The Elderly My Elderly Parents Had To Move In With Me & I Pay Someone To Watch Them. Can I Get Help Paying That Person.?

My elderly parents had to move in with me & I pay someone to watch them. Can I get help paying that person.? - financial assistance for the elderly

Needs financial help to pay the person who helps me with my parents?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trimming Dog What Is A Good Way To Sedate A Pet Dog While Trimming Nails And Hair In Between Paws?

What is a good way to sedate a pet dog while trimming nails and hair in between paws? - trimming dog

I have a cocker spaniel and it is very difficult for the groom. He does not bite, but it is too difficult to handle when it comes to her friend and have her nails cut hair. Is there something that weighs help him, too, would be to make this task much easier. It's not really afford to take him to a professional dog salon. Thanks

Friday, January 8, 2010

All Blacks Baby Will My 2 Black Cats Have All Black Baby Kittens?

Will my 2 black cats have all black baby kittens? - all blacks baby

My 2 black cats are ready to have children. " Are they all black, since both are black?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dyslexic Schools Question About Self Concious Dyslexic High School Ged Program For Adults?

Question about self concious dyslexic high school ged program for adults? - dyslexic schools

My husband is 31 and left school in second grade because I could do more work. He is intelligent. If you ask for something, he has the right answers. The problem is that it can receive a higher Nice work if your GED, and everything we find is the goal of the program, but he is dyslexic and did not do well with writing. He may very well if left to themselves to examine materials, is often confused in writing. Is there a kind of "outside literature" which appears on the map for specific needs? Who really wants to do, and I know I could do it if it is the written exam over ...
Please give is welcome.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Winnie The Pooh Pictures Winnie The Pooh For Baby?

Winnie the pooh for baby? - baby winnie the pooh pictures

Do you have at least a Winne the Pooh for your child? Clothing, toys, blankets, pictures in his room, bottles, bibs? etc.

Errors And Omissions Insurance Coverage Why Can't I Get Errors And Omissions Insurance Coverages?

Why can't I get Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverages? - errors and omissions insurance coverage

I am glad to read and sign hundreds of documents to obtain loans and property eastate, including existing and planned buildings to buy, but I refused to get insurance for errors and omissions. I invest a lot of money, but I refused this guarantees the protection that does not make me my orders on the tables. Why can these errors and omissions?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Government Mortgage Assistance Why Is The Government Providing $300 Billion Dollars In Mortgage Assistance?

Why is the government providing $300 billion dollars in mortgage assistance? - government mortgage assistance

I dont get it. These people bought houses giant, who could not afford, knowing his interest on the loan was finally able to go after 3 years and twice the mortgage. Why are my taxes will save to these people and you pay your mortgage? I'm smart enough to know that I can buy a house now for rent - does not seem fair at all

Monday, January 4, 2010

Credit Card Assistance Has Anyone Negotiated Any Type Of Assistance On Their Credit Card Balance With Bank Of America?

Has anyone negotiated any type of assistance on their credit card balance with Bank of America? - credit card assistance

Is it possible to a low in April on reducing the balance to negotiate?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photos Of Woman Having Brailian Wax If A Cute Woman Asked You If She Could Handcuff You, And Take Some Photos, What Would Be Your Response? Why?

If a cute woman asked you if she could handcuff you, and take some photos, what would be your response? Why? - photos of woman having brailian wax

His hands were tied back guarantee hinge. Had the royal wives, not a toy. Reportedly the only key. All this could happen, in a crowded public place. It handcuffs you, take pictures and then immediately released. Women feel tight, but not so bad.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rack Mountable Computer Is A Rack Mounted Preamp The Same As A Guitar Amp Head?

Is a rack mounted preamp the same as a guitar amp head? - rack mountable computer

I wonder if I bought a pre-amp rack. Would it work like an amp. How do I plug the guitar in which I regularly amp and it would be a 4x12 cabinet?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Medical Id Jewelry Where To Get INEXPENSIVE Medical Alert ID Necklace?

Where to get INEXPENSIVE Medical Alert ID Necklace? - medical id jewelry

Need to update my medical alarm pendant, which currently has a dog tag type. However, American Medical ID wants more than $ 40 for the base! It is ridiculous, and I do not care about they get in their national database, "because there is no medical answer would have to call - the call to my doctor! Shit, that is "the racket. And then on top of what they collect for jewelry - she continues to send messages to a" gift "every year!

They are eager to think for myself, try again.

So - where can I buy online is fine, up to a medical call that is large enough to contain a large amount of information? Even if she only said, "look at the card portfolio, which would be good.

So give me a few good sites - and not accept American Medical ID!