Friday, February 12, 2010

What Accent Colour To Use In Living Room Burgundy Living Room With Cream Accents--what Colour Palette Should I Use For A New Sofa?

Burgundy living room with cream accents--what colour palette should I use for a new sofa? - what accent colour to use in living room

My couch is old and I need a new one. I painted my living room, a deep burgundy with accents of the fireplace, the moldings and French doors to a cream color. I installed Maple colored laminate flooring planks.

This is an open concept room restaurant and have my assistant. The dining table is made of dark wood and burgundy dining room along one wall. The other 2 walls are painted a color as "comfort" - beigish medium to dark gray, very light.

Which color sofa should I expect? I think that the cream can also be easy, but it was too dark Burgundy. Perhaps a subtle pattern? Or in another complementary color? Suggestions please and thank you.


sarasmil... said...

It sounds as if the room is the character and nature of the harvest and the French full. I get a sofa with a contour in dark wood tones and a dark beige with some Burgundy in him. The first page may be (the way of the bigger and more spectacular bed) and the Web the other hand, is not there or that match your site, but please visit there a lot more options and you can customize your search for persons.

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