Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Is The Girl In The Evan Williams Ads Taylor Swift Rips-off Tune From Song "Crazy For This Girl" By Evan And Jaron?

Taylor swift rips-off tune from song "Crazy for this girl" by Evan and Jaron? - who is the girl in the evan williams ads

I lay her song has the same melody as the song "Crazy For This Girl" by Evan and Jaron
I love Taylor and his songs are Amazingg but they sound exactly like
I've also noticed that reused Tuesday 2 and waaay too
yet their songs are beautiful


Tory said...

lol is like. But all their songs are pretty simple, you can get some tunes, many of them with the same 4 chords
I love alllll your songs and I like what I Lie
and it works with 2 hours in the morning or on Tuesday .... twice
Geez people. See above
Their songs rock!

Kay said...

I totally agree with you, Taylor's impressive, but the law is like

kluz [= said...

hahha that sh.iiiit Doess

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