Friday, February 5, 2010

Ipod Touch Screen Failure Would My Ipod Touch Be Considered Defective? Would I Be Able To Return It? HELP!!!!?

Would my ipod touch be considered defective? Would i be able to return it? HELP!!!!? - ipod touch screen failure

I bought my ipod touch two months ago and today I have stopped working. I turned and never on the home screen back. From this point, after I tried to turn it on and connect it to iTunes for signs like if I had bought. When I get in touch to iTunes, it says "iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode, you need this iPod before using iTunes' can be used to restore, so what he says about 10 times accessed. Each restoration is a failure. and once went through the restoration, but 2 minutes later than normal, he said again in recovery mode. Can suggestions about what to do?


Vitamin C™ said...

Ivan is piiiiiisssssseeeeeedddd eeeeeee!


but if this fails, Apple has one years warranty on all products

Cally loves Shane said...


Yes, I have always heard bad things about the iPod, if you have a Zune, which are cheaper and they are beautiful!

Perhaps you should return your iPod to a refund and buy a Zune, will make you happy without having to do with it, and you could have more money in your pocket. :)

Mazin said...

You can 1-800-my-If Apple's iPod is less than a year and will be repaired or replaced. As all Apple iPods have a plan of care to protect the whole year, no matter where you buy it. Apple has also replaced the phone free.

dejaalle said...

Perhaps may be to repair them in the position, and you can keep your iPod or they replace it with a refurbished iPod.

robotca2... said...

Ya ... make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Ur, and should be able to repair them or give them .. new

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