Monday, January 4, 2010

Credit Card Assistance Has Anyone Negotiated Any Type Of Assistance On Their Credit Card Balance With Bank Of America?

Has anyone negotiated any type of assistance on their credit card balance with Bank of America? - credit card assistance

Is it possible to a low in April on reducing the balance to negotiate?


conediso... said...

Know After a stint at an issuer of credit cards for 10 years that the principal balance is often negotiable. He was charged / money spent, must return the money. To be done, the future interest rates and can be lifted, but the best choice for this contact to a consumer credit counseling in your area. Bank of America and the majority of creditors to work with them to get their clients again. The disadvantage is that the account is closed, so that they can use, but now they are trying to better remuneration should not be a problem for you.

Was the only way to maintain balance fell to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy register 3 to 5 years to pay all creditors cents (unless you can in full in this period) and is usually of no interest.

Bank of America is a program where you can buy "a lower interest rate are low for a period (I know Discover has this feature), but before diving into what you need to know if the cost is worth (as you pay in t canthe balance within the lowest price, and if they only flow to add more balance plus interest).

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