Friday, January 1, 2010

Medical Id Jewelry Where To Get INEXPENSIVE Medical Alert ID Necklace?

Where to get INEXPENSIVE Medical Alert ID Necklace? - medical id jewelry

Need to update my medical alarm pendant, which currently has a dog tag type. However, American Medical ID wants more than $ 40 for the base! It is ridiculous, and I do not care about they get in their national database, "because there is no medical answer would have to call - the call to my doctor! Shit, that is "the racket. And then on top of what they collect for jewelry - she continues to send messages to a" gift "every year!

They are eager to think for myself, try again.

So - where can I buy online is fine, up to a medical call that is large enough to contain a large amount of information? Even if she only said, "look at the card portfolio, which would be good.

So give me a few good sites - and not accept American Medical ID!


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