Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Do You Attach Net Curtains To Plastic Windows How Do You Attach Net Curtains To A UPVC Bay Window?

How do you attach net curtains to a UPVC bay window? - how do you attach net curtains to plastic windows

I currently have networks with a pole mounted double sided tape actually used, but falling after a few days.
I really do not want something in the plastic screw.


Sandee said...

The purchase of a hot glue gun (cost around EUR 8 or less) and a few all-purpose glue sticks so well. Then you need a small hook with a flat back plastic (which is usually supplied with bars). Remove the paper each adhesive. From a starting closest to the window and a hook at a time, each layer of hot melted glue and quickly press the PVC frame. This hook sticks very well, and if you want to remove at a later date does not hurt your UPVC. Not PS - You forgot to put a chair by the window, held in Kos, it must be fast!

Mr D said...

Use 2 screws on the plastic in the upper corner of the window and the chain of wire covered with plastic or spring between the screws
(Buy this to the length you need in a hardware store)

jude said...

Get the logs shrink as I do, no drilling, only the width of the window, put the network through it and push up inside the window. They damage not the forest or even on the wall. I got mine from B & Q for about £ 8 each. I think about it for baywindow. Or consider perhaps fuses, Sainsburys Homebase, etc.

Citizen Mac said...

There is a telescopic rod to be bought, it can to hang on, just keep turning until you are sure the two sides

Emmarose said...

You can buy small cars to beat hooks, which are specially trained for this task. Each business sells, the curtain rods, etc. should

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