Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Make Football Helmet Cake Ladies, If Betty Crocker Wore A Football Helmet On Those Box Labels...?

Ladies, if Betty Crocker wore a football helmet on those box labels...? - how to make football helmet cake

Do you think that most boys in the kitchen?

Rating: cake or brownies?


not at home said...

Yes, as if reading the instructions
Treatment with 2 eggs
Rush 2 cups flour
1 tablespoon oil supplement
all the other ingredients Lightning
Drop Kick on a 350 'oven

No, not yet


GK said...

It takes more than that under the provisions in the male man to change. Induces also the needs of perfume bottles men, testosterone and the search for the name of the Marlboro Man-a-likes to sell something. "Mountain Spring" does not work if it is considered "dangerous Alaskan Ice Core Flow" the smell of lower risk and are spending $ 75 We have what, in fact, justify it to the 3-1-1 rule for carrying out the airport for the flight and the cost justification is there.

Not a dress Betty Friday Night Lights would be dispersed only a short night for Letterman too.

Rating: brownies, because it's more fun to eat, to mixed, but before goo oven. (I've done on my own ... only 3 people shortly after the speech by my neighbor for no good reason)

Mrs. Amethyst Phoenix-Dragon said...

I like it? "The response of S. Beau! Lol

No, I think people would raise embarrassing if Betty Crocker Fantasy begins with a brass's Superbowl. : P

Me too, but still prefer brownies. I have a recipe for Blue Ribbon. ;)

Jeff Jacob Lourie said...

It was a novel by Nelson DeMille, where a terrorist was, by three implementing agencies of the state legislature wanted. At a lunch table with cake was, and follow the signs for the identification des
Cookies with raisins were described as "FBI"
The croissants were "CIA"
And New York Police Department? Why do donuts, of course.

|~RKQS12... said...

The first question: Yes. The men are too lazy and grain in the company, which was girly cooking. Let's be realistic. The kitchen has itself as a "Working Girls" for thousands of years. Betty Crocker make a helmet, do not change.


Reba GG said...

Review: Whether you have chocolate cake, or else

Heck no football helmet is not relevant, but Betty can make a difference with large breasts could not look away, the boys, while the good cook.

ZzozZ said...

It would certainly be more bread in the oven

Brownies, brownies special

spawnofa... said...

No, ask what is the position he'd play.

Mya1500 said...

No, if the logo was a football player in a small town as the cooking.


pirategr... said...

Heck I do not think that girls would achieve more for cooking (which I like football!) And cake all the way

HEY YOU! answer ma question! said...

hahah sure!


kiki b said...


kiki b said...


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