Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Symptoms Diabetes And Enlarged Liver Dogs I Get Some Kind Of Convulsions In The Morning If I Don't Eat A Snack At Night . Is This Blood Sugar Problem?

I get some kind of convulsions in the morning if i don't eat a snack at night . Is this blood sugar problem? - symptoms diabetes and enlarged liver dogs

Orange juice seems to be the few minutes to help, but my eyes are blurry, I feel very low and moody. This happened more than once a day for the last month with the loss of control over bladder function, periods of extreme mood While eating too much candy. I also think that rages dizzy and my heart and sometimes my eyes are rolling back in my head. Lately, I think something with my kidneys .. wrong I had to go to hospital last night because of pain in the kidney and ureter spasaming. I get all kinds of red dots on the arms and legs and I think, dilated veins of a traffic problem. I still believe in my early thirties.I, I have the symptoms of diabetes, but so far my blood counts are normal. What else could it be this. I only had two tests, because if I have another test of glucose tolerance is not intended to give thought to cause severe seizures.


lilcutie... said...

I think more research should see your doctor need to see what happens and you can control not only in life, without knowing what is happening is not it?

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