Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slate Table Care Of Who Else Hopes Platini & Blatter Just.. Disappear?

Who else hopes Platini & Blatter just.. disappear? - slate table care of

Being Irish, I am appalled by the corruption of the World Cup.

Changing the rules of qualification to half of the qualifiers? How, how are you? "

All Your Lies to give a few countries than to ensure the best chance of qualifying, they must ask about all the slating of the Premier League and that you always treat for big and bold.

Blatter and Platini wants a show that allows the "developing" world of football, a place at the table, but tickets in North Korea, New Zealand, land, Ireland, and how they sell. France, Russia and their peers. You need to earn money to finance his lavish lifestyle in Zurich, the horses of their political hobby, the risk of abuse of other English football league systemproduce more money or attract so many fans and top players.

The two of them have less than full average Swiss bank
The heart of Ireland will be broken (with many others that have been wounded), not French. Thank you clowns aa lot.


Chris P said...

I HATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Platini

Who cares if the players are bought for a lot of money, other clubs (except our own Michel Platini).

Come on man football is a business !!!!!!!!!!

I doubt that I am at Olympique Lyon and Marseille, where they bought, Franck Ribéry and Cristiano Ronaldo for 86 million euros cry

King Ha said...

It is not their fault if France is crap and that North Korea has played well ...

Kaiser07... said...

should simply resign. worls dam damaged

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