Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pregnant Vigina Pics Can I Get Pregnant If I Got Touched Outside Of My Vigina With Pre-ejaculated Sperms?

Can i get pregnant if i got touched outside of my vigina with pre-ejaculated sperms? - pregnant vigina pics

My partner said that some pre-cum on his finger and then rub your t-shirt, spilled my Venn then what is the probability of becoming pregnant?


Holly D said...

I am sure you have about 2% of becoming pregnant. about 2%, because you never know. Soggy 9 of 10, his shirt, and we would not apply to you. Hope this helps, Holly

Beth, Jon, And Baby said...

There is always a chance that you may be pregnant. But the courts for the potential long sperm and then the fact that he has touched upon by many outside the vagina. .. So the chances are slim, but as I said are still there. I Just Want to recommend the complete support in the future and do not really worry too much.

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