Thursday, December 31, 2009

Strapless Evening Dresses GIRLS: What Do U Use To Keep Your Tube Tops/strapless Dresses Up? When Wearing Strapless Bras, They Fall Off!

GIRLS: what do u use to keep your tube tops/strapless dresses up? When wearing strapless bras, they fall off! - strapless evening dresses

I wear a 34B, so I need support and not show such as clothing. I do not like show in SPAG belt strap tanks and all, but when I wear bras without straps, which are always sliding down my torso. I had some accessories bra, and my right size is 34B. I even tried to strapless bras that claim a lot of "power" have to keep you close, but not work! How Hollywood stars are in their suggestive clothing? I know some go naturale, but others must be having something cuz her breasts really on the rise (and breast, are they in real life, small thrust) to. No other clothes for me - how crazy, in a shirt to see? LOL!


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