Friday, December 4, 2009

Economic Rabbit Cages Political Question About President Obama's Economic Plan?

Political question about President Obama's economic plan? - economic rabbit cages

Hello and / Politicians ... Usually not publish here, but I had a question for you.

I just thought that would begin the Obama economic plan, with effect for now. I remember during the campaign that many believe that to change, at least start at the beginning to the end of March. We are almost in June and did not improve things clear ..... I do not want to sound negative, but things seem to be even worse.

I just rediscovered from a business trip and a group of district mgrs meeting with our CEO, CFO and several other sizes and that our company will close 96 plants in the next 18 months.

I asked our CEO if he can wait for an idea, until the stimulus package Obama had () have a job opportunity. I was a little surprised that he said .... I said that the current plan to laugh at nothing, is nothing but political noise with nothing ... Would that every major company and will continue to shrink to survive, "said Obama offers fantasy are forced to cope financiallyc reality.

WOW ..........

What do you think of this ..... is the rabbit hole that thinks he is?


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