Friday, November 13, 2009

Black Neat Viginas I Have A Neat Looking Black Leather Jacket. Is It Okay To Get It Wet In The Rain?

I have a neat looking black leather jacket. Is it okay to get it wet in the rain? - black neat viginas

It's just that I was living a few years and was a little geeney / gray when wet!


Thomas B said...

In any case, the water kept in dry and liquid Other causes of mold and other conditions that are harmful. If the leather is allowed, will appear for a long period of time, mold and fungi, damp, and can, after drying fragile. Finally, it would run the risk of disruption of skin structure, weaken it. There is only one
Some shells that do not damage or diseases (fungi, etc. ..)
Most forms are toxic and harmful (tree mold, black mold, etc. ..)
In addition, she holds is dry (free from water and moisture) * should
or use a silicone spray, a good leather oil, even in a pinch, I Pledge furniture polish! - Each working moisture barrier.

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